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   Shawnee Memorabilia including Photographs, Postcards, Lodge Ribbons and Advertising Items.   
1. Shawnee, Ohio Knights of Labor No. 2653 “Goodwill” Pin Back Ribbon, 

2. Shawnee, Ohio Redman Lodge No. 147 Badge Pin Back Lodge Ribbon,

3. Shawnee, Ohio K of P Lodge #117 Pin Back Lodge Ribbon,

4. Shawnee Bank Company Savings Bank-plated steel,

5. 1892 First Annual Shawnee High School Commencement Program,

6. 1892 Seventh Annual Shawnee High School Commencement Program at K of P Opera House

7. I.O. Faughts, Shawnee, Ohio Advertising Pocket Mirror, 

8. Blaires „ Jewelers Shawnee Ohio Jewelry Box with sterling silver jeweled pin,

9. 1940 Blaires‟ Cash Pharmacy Thermometer/Calendar,

10. Rexall Drugs E.G. Blaire Shawnee Ohio Identification Badge,

11. Blaires‟ Cash Pharmacy Wooden Yardstick,

12. Blaires‟ Shawnee, Ohio Medicine Bottle,

13. April 17, 1917 Postcard Invitation to I.O.O.F. Entertainment Ball & Supper at the K. of P. Opera House, Shawnee, Ohio,

14. John D. Davis Folding Celluloid Hair Comb in leather case,

15. Early Photograph Fred Tapps Saloon, Shawnee, Ohio, exterior view with patrons,

16. Early Cabinet Photo of Hayden & Williams Saloon, Shawnee, Ohio, exterior view of patrons some of which wear baseball gear,

17. S. & N.S. (Shawnee & New Straitsville) Tin Ice Cream Tray,

18. S. & N.S (Shawnee & New Straitsville).Ice Cream Company Shawnee, Ohio Tin Sign, 25”x12”, hand-painted, 19. W.P. Welsh, Maker of Men‟s Garments, Shawnee, Ohio Wooden Coat Hanger,

20. Trew & Davis Meat Market Shawnee Tin Wall Match Holder with striker,

21. Shawnee Grill Cut Out Metal Logo,   

22. 1908 Jones Bros. Calendar Plate,

23. Russell Bros. Hardware & General Merchandise, Shawnee, Ohio Advertising Plate,

24. Workbench from old Shawnee High School Industrial Arts Class (in recent times used as center island)

25. 1936 H. Ellis Hardware & Supplies Calendar with rendering of Cleopatra, 

26. H. Ellis Hardware Shawnee, Ohio Balsawood Advertising Airplane, 

27. Shawnee and New Straitsville Auto Club Brass Emblem, 

28. Jones Bros. Shawnee & New Straitsville 1908 Calendar Plate,   

29. Elder Bottling Works Wooden Blue & White Soda Bottle Case,

30. W.M. Harrop Shawnee Soda Bottle,   

 31. T.B. Jones Shawnee Soda Bottle-cork stopper,

32. Michael Radigan Shawnee Soda Bottle-cork stopper,

33. 2ea C.P. Elder Shawnee Soda Bottles,

34. C.P. Elder Shawnee Enameled Soda Bottle,

35. 3ea C.P. Elder Soda Bottles-tall,

36. 5ea John Arnold Meat Market Store Tokens,

37. Treadwell Bros., Shawnee, Ohio 5¢ Trade Token,

38. P.H. Dougherty, Shawnee, Ohio  Good For 5¢ At The Bar Token,

39. 3-Early Cabinet Portrait Photographs by McClannahan Studio, Shawnee, Ohio

40. Cabinet Photo of Youth by Gardner, Shawnee, Ohio

41. 1950  8x10  Photo Shawnee High School Gymnasium Assembly

42. Women’s Relief Corps 1954, Shawnee, Ohio Group Photo

43. Original 8x10 Photo 1954 Shawnee Jr. Baseball Club, VFW,

44. View of old Shawnee Baseball Diamond,

45. Original 8x6 Photo 1960s Shawnee High School,

46. Shawnee Furniture and Funeral Service Hand Fan,

47. P.R. Gibbon Furniture and Funeral Service Hand Fan,

48. Shawnee High School Student Desk with etched student’s names,

49. Homemade Stand-up Desk Used In Instructors Cage at Shawnee High School Industrial Arts Class,

50. 11ea Wood identification strips used in Shawnee High School Industrial Arts Class-24”x2.5” by C.A. Woods Logan, Oh

51. 1923-1957 Perry County Basketball Record Book, 
52. 1954 Perry County Basketball Tournament Program, Zanesville Municipal Auditorium,   

53. 1955 Perry County Basketball Tournament Program, Zanesville Municipal Auditorium,   

54. 1956 Perry County Basketball Tournament Program, Zanesville Municipal Auditorium,   

55. 1957 Perry County Basketball Tournament Program, Zanesville Municipal Auditorium  (2),

56. 1958 Perry County Basketball Tournament Program, Zanesville Municipal Auditorium  (2),

57. 1959 Perry County Basketball Tournament Program, Zanesville Municipal Auditorium,   

58. 1954 “The Sweet 16” Ohio High School State Basketball Tournaments,   -  wall cupboard office

59. 4ea 1956 to 1959  Shawnee High School Blue/Gray Athletic Letters-sew on,

60. 1950s Shawnee High School Band Letter, sew on,

61. 3-Perry County Basketball Player Tickets-1956-1957-1959

62. Shawnee High School Basketball Schedule 1956-1957 and 1957 District Basketball Tournament Pass,

63. Shawnee High School 1959 and 1960 Alumni Programs,

64. 1958 Shawnee High School Senior Class Play “The Skeleton Walks” Program,

65. 1959 Blue & Gray Shawnee High School Mimeographed School Newspaper w/basketball box scores,

66. 1948  Cast of  Shawnee, Ohio  2nd Grade Christmas Play, professional photo,

67. 1917 Photo of Shawnee Methodist Church Groundbreaking or Cornerstone Ceremony. 

68. Shawnee Methodist Church 1917-1960 Souvenir Picture Plate,

69. Interior of old Shawnee Post Office Photograph, portrays Iva Falls, John Turnbull and Laverne Rusk, 6x4”,

70. Over 20 Old Shawnee, Ohio Postcards, (street scenes, Worthington Café, M&M Co, Claycraft Co, Yank Hodgson, XX Mine, Z&W Depot, business buildings, Birdseye views, etc.) 

71. 13 Old New Straitsville, Ohio Postcards,

72. 1954 Snapshots of tornado damage which struck the Shawnee Claycraft Company in Shawnee, 7 photos.

73. 1930 Blair’s’ Cash Pharmacy Dorothy Perkins Facial Promotion Card,

74. 23ea  The Peoples Advocate 1942 Newspapers, published in Shawnee, Ohio,

75. 33ea The Peoples Advocate 1943 Newspapers, published in Shawnee, Ohio,

76. December 1934 The Peoples Advocate Newspaper,

77. Several Perry County Tribunes from the 1960s,

78. 2- Shawnee Grand Benefit Drawing Tickets by H.M. Severance,

79. Shawnee Feed Company business card       

80. Unissued Shawnee, Ohio Caribou Mining and Developing Company Stock Certificate, $50 per share with mining vignettes,   

81. 1923 Cabinet Photo of Shawnee Brick Plant Workers, 8x10”,

82. Severance Grocery, Shawnee Storage Box,

83. Severance Grocery, Shawnee  Can Opener,

84. Severance Grocery, Shawnee  Ice Cream Scoop,

85. Severance Grocery, Shawnee salt/pepper

86. Bob‟s Sohio Service Shawnee Ice Scraper,

87. 1877 Funeral Procession Photo Shawnee, Ohio, Fatty Humphrey Hearse Driver,

88. 1910 Shawnee, Ohio Labor Day Parade Photo.

89. Shawnee, Ohio American Federation of Musicians Parade Photo, early 1900s,

90. O‟Bear House Hotel Photo, Shawnee, Ohio,

91. 2-Shawnee, Ohio Photos from interior of Blair’s Drug Store looking to Main Street.

92.  Claycraft Factory No.1 Shawnee, Ohio Photo,

93. Hazelton Covered Bridge, Shawnee, Ohio Photo,

94. Ox Drawn Sawmill Photo, Shawnee, Ohio 1907, 
Additional Area Advertising   (New Straitsville, Logan, New Lexington, Corning, Etc.) 
95. 1914 H.P. Rischert, Bakery & Grocery, New Straitsville, Ohio Porcelain Calendar Trivet,

96. Excellent 1907 Photographic & Industrial History of New Straitsville, Ohio, 32 pages,

97. R.P. Taylor Druggist New Straitsville, Ohio Medicine Bottle,

98. 23½” Wooden Gilley‟s Shoes New Lexington Thermometer, 

99. Edgar & Howard Chute Funeral Service New Lexington Wooden Thermometer,

100. C.L. Chute New Lexington Hand Fan, 
101. Enameled Mission Beverages Logan Ohio Soda Bottle, 

102. 5ea Logan Ohio Old/New Town License Plates.  These plates was used in 1953 to commemorate Ohio‟s Sesquicentennial.  Only one plate was used in 1953, the town identifier plates was attached to the front bumper. 103. 1873 Aetna Insurance Policy Certificate for Three Story Logan, Ohio Brick School House.

104. Enameled Kool-Aid Bottling, Columbus, Soda Bottle, 

105. Journey to Tomorrow Logan Ohio 1816-1966 Sesquicentennial Booklet,

106. Was He Alone-Story of The Weldon Murder Case, Hocking County, Booklet,

107. Logan Centennial Souvenir Book 1816-1916, 

108. Early History of Hocking County Paper Book,

109. 1969 Memories of Robert Work, Hocking Co. Historical Society Paper Book,

110. 1980 History of Perry County, hard cover book,

111. 17ea United Mine Workers Journals 1946-1948, 

112. New Straitsville Moonshine Festival Pottery Souvenir Moonshine Still,

113. Perry County, Corning, Ohio   Auto Club Brass Emblem

114. 1949 Perry County Telephone Directory

115. 1920 8th Grade Commencement  Hemlock, Ohio Brochure 
86  PHOTOGRAPHS  (Logan & Hocking County, New Straitsville, New Lexington,  – Most are approx. 8”x10”

116. 9-each Sequential Cabinet Photographs of a Large Logan Ohio Parade (near turn of last century) by Martin Studio, Logan, O.  Each photo is mounted and measures 9½ x 7½. All are mounted.  Features Doughboys, band, horse-drawn vehicles.

117. 1909 Photograph of Logan, Ohio Band, 8x6,

118. 1928 Photo of Claycraft Brick Company Workers, Shawnee, Ohio, beehive kiln in background,

119. Cabinet Photo of Early Store Interior 7½ x5½’ by E.M. Martin Photography, Logan, Ohio, mounted,  store unknown.

120. Cabinet Photo of Early Store Interior 7½ x5½’ by E.M. Martin Photography, Logan, Ohio, mounted, store unknown.

121. Early Cabinet Photo of West Main Street, Logan, Ohio 9½ x 7½”, horse drawn vehicles, by Martin, Logan, O., mounted. 122. Cabinet Photo of Early Store Interior, 8x6”, fully stocked store with patrons, mounted, unknown store, 123. Cabinet Photo of Riley Shoe Mfg. Co., Logan, Ohio, ca. 1918, mounted.   The Logan factory made children‟s shoes. This building currently home of The Columbus Washboard Co.

124. Sept. 9, 1916 Logan, Ohio Centennial Celebration Lineup 8x10”

125. 1908 Harble Ridge Farm, Hocking County Farm depicting identified farm hands, Leader steam tractor, harvesting equipment plus the farm horses “Pat & Bill”, 15½x12.

126. Interior View of Mathews’ Café, New Straitsville, 1980s,

127. Congressman Clarence Miller Presents American Flag to New Straitsville American Legion  Members

128. Last Passenger Train Out of Logan-Dec. 31, 1949-14x11”

129. Early Ash Cave Photo, 8x6”,

130. Original Hocking Falls Mill Bridge Photo, 11x9”,

131. Park Hotel, New Lexington, Ohio,

132. 1935 93rd Anniversary Baptist Church, New Lexington Photo,

133. Hocking Valley Steam Engine #249 (wreck).

134. Early Steam Shovel Hemlock, Ohio,

135. 1913 New Straitsville Trophy Presentation for Buckeye Baseball League Championship,

136. 4-1913 New Straitsville 4th of July Street Parade Photos,

137. Early Cabinet Portrait of Lady by McDowell‟s Studio, Nelsonville, Ohio, mounted.

138. St. Augustine School Pupils and Staff, New Straitsville, Ohio

139. Rischert‟s General Store Horse Drawn Parade Float, New Straitsville, Ohio

140. View of New Straitsville, Ohio as it appeared in 1982 depicting former Rischert’s & Hartman business buildings.

141. New Straitsville Mine Fire Photos,

142. Calvin Essex Home and Business, New Straitsville, Ohio,

143. Portrait of Jim Thompson Working Moonshine Still at 1982 New Straitsville Moonshine Festival,

144. Portrait of Frank Saulbeamer Working Moonshine Still at 1982 New Straitsville Moonshine Festival,

145. 2-Different Views of Corning Ohio Main Street, early 1900s, 

146. 1909 Street Parade Murray City, Ohio,

147. View of Jobs, Ohio,

148. Corning, Ohio View of West Main Street. 
149. Railroad Roundhouse at Corning, Ohio, 

150. T&O.C. Train Engine on Turntable at Corning, Ohio about 1910, 
Area Coal Mining Photographs  20 Southeastern Ohio Coal  Mine

151. Upson Mining Company Dixie, Ohio,

152. 2-San Toy Sunday Creek Coal Mine No.1 Photos -  (two different views)

153. 2-San Toy Sunday Creek Coal Mine No.2 Photos - (two different views)

154. Building of Santoy Mine No. 2

155. Santoy Burning-1927

156. Millfield Mine No.6-home of the 1930 Millfield Mine Explosion.

157. Kehota Mining Company Coal Tipple, 

158. Kehota Mine Tipple Construction,

159. Congo Mine No. 301

160. Rendville, Ohio Sunday Creek Mine No. 268.

161. Rendville, Ohio Mine No. 253 or No. 3 Sunday Creek Coa; Co & T&O.C. Railroad.

162. Old Sunday Creek Mine No.9 Hemlock, 

163. Murray City  Mine No.5,   

164. Sunday Creek Mine No.5, Murray City, 

165. Coal Mine No. 25, Chauncey, Ohio-1898

166. Hisylvania Mine No. 22 Glouster, Ohio, 1912-1926

167. Crew of Upson Mining Co at Dixie, Ohio

168. Struggling Monkey Mine, Nelsonville, 

169. Sunday Creek Coal Company Mine No. 8 & No 9, Corning, Ohio, 

170. Sunday Creek Coal Company Mine #10, Glouster, 

171. Coal Mine No. 267, Glouster, Ohio

172. Jobs Mines 1 & 2, Sunday Creek Mine 10X at Orbeston, Ohio, 

173. Sedalia Coal Co. Mine No. 14-Athens County, 

174. The David Thomas Coal Mine, Stringtown-South of Crooksville, Ohio

175. Interior View of Sunday Creek Coal Company Machine Shop,

176. Mid-Hocking Coal Company,  177. Cabinet Family Portraits